Gorkem Turgut (G.T.) OZER​, MBA, MSc, PhD

Advisor, Assistant Professor of Business Analytics and Strategy
at the Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

More about me: See linkedin.com/in/gtozer and rhsmith.umd.edu/directory/gorkem-turgut-ozer

Courses I have taught:
  • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics (Graduate -MSIS, MSBA): predict.gto.run
  • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics (Graduate -MBA version): data.gto.run
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (Graduate -MBA, OMSBA): bigdata.gto.run
  • Managing Information Systems: Strategy, Software, and Data: 301.gto.run
Research projects I have worked on:

Business implications of big data and artificial intelligence

  • Data centricity: A strategy that incorporates big data analytics and artificial intelligence in its governing policy and actions, Work in progress [Strategy framework on value creation and capture through big data and AI]
  • Use of deep learning algorithms for the detection and diagnosis of pulmonary nodules: A large-scale experimental analysis (with Kunpeng Zhang), Work in progress [Comparing the effectiveness of pulmanory nodule detection -number, location, malignancy- between a neural network, physician, and their collaboration]
Strategy problems in and around multisided digital platforms (a.k.a. sharing economy, peer-to-peer markets)
  • Better going alone or with some company? An empirical analysis and comparison of rental revenues in Airbnb and HomeAway for individual and professionally-managed listings (with Siva Viswanathan), Work in progress [Analysis of 1.5 million observations in Los Angeles, CA to compare two revenue models in vacation rentals]
  • Competitive (dis)advantage through learning in multisided platforms: The strategic implications of opening to different platform sides (with Jeffrey A. Martin and Edward G. Anderson), Under review [An agent-based computer simulation of platform strategies that leverage learning from rival platforms for competitive edge]
  • Creative vs. pragmatic variety: On the tradeoff between the professional and market logics in digital platforms for creative products (with Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa and Anand Gopal), Work in progress [Empirical analysis of how artistic motives vs. profits drive product development decisions of designers in platforms for creative products]
Societal problems in and around multisided digital platforms
  • Noisebnb: An empirical analysis of noise complaints and platform housing rentals (with Anand Gopal and Brad N. Greenwood), Work in progress [Empirical analysis of changes in the levels of noise and associated noise complaints in urban settings after the introduction of short-term rentals through marketplaces such as Airbnb]
  • Effects of social comparison tendency on online donation behavior: An experimental analysis of behavioral biases due to social comparison in Instagram (with Yifei Wang and Gordon Gao), Work in progress [Empirical analysis of social comparison across demographics using a lab experiment and convolutional neural network]
  • Digital multisided platforms and women's health: An empirical analysis of peer-to-peer lending and abortion rates (with Anand Gopal and Brad N. Greenwood), Work in progress [Empirical analysis combining datasets from Lending Club, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, State Health Departments, and U.S. Census]
Governance problems in and around multisided digital platforms
  • Effects of selected neighborhood incidents on the Yelp reviews of restaurants and restaurant revenues: A nationwide empirical analysis, Work in progress [Empirical analysis of over 40 million records from 16 U.S. cities to measure the impact of incidents such as graffiti reports, noise reports, and other resident complaints]
  • Tension between change and stability in digital multisided platforms: How do platform operators navigate through governing differences, dependencies, and novelty? (with Sirkka L. Jarvenpaa), Under review [Theory development on how multisided platform operators manage their relationships with third party complementors]
Other published research
  • Combining stock‐and‐flow, agent‐based, and social network methods to model team performance (with Edward G. Anderson and Kyle Lewis), Published in System Dynamics Review with doi.org/10.1002/sdr.1613
  • Cognitive biases in decision making: Findings from a survey on consumer financial behavior (with Adil Oran and Ozlem Yilmaz), Published in DEU Economics and Administrative Sciences Journal with ISSN:1303-0027

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